If you want to engage your readers, then quizzes are an excellent way. Luckily there are some pretty advanced quiz plugins for WordPress we can choose from. Because they engage your readers, it also positively affects you bounce rate which is an important factor in your site’s search engine ranking. But what to look for in a WordPress quiz plugin?

    • Design! Unfortunetaly many quiz plugin developer does not pay attention to it, but it’s important. It should be appealing to users.
    • Functionality! The plugin should be feature-rich so you can show various functionalities to your users.
    • Question types! Having only multiple choice questions in a quiz is not enough! You should be able to create all kinds of question. After all, we don’t want to bore the users to death.

Let’s look at the free ones first!

Recommended WordPress Quiz Plugin

1. IM – Quiz – WordPress Quiz Plugin


IM – Quiz is a relatively new quiz plugin for WordPress and it’s developed in a slightly different way than other similar tools. It’s designed to be an excellent tool for teaching websites, especially language teaching sites. Its design looks modern, no dull radio buttons and checkboxes. You can create different questions such as single choice (with multiple layouts), gap fill exercises or matching tasks. According to developers new question types are on the way.

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Free WordPress Quiz Plugins

1. Watu WordPress Quiz Plugin


Watu is a free quiz plugin for WordPress. It supports numerous question types such as single choice, multiple choice, open-end questions. You can also create grades and assign them to quizzes.

Watu also has a pro version that will further extend its functionalities with more question types, paid courses and much more….

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2. Wp-Pro-Quiz


The Wp-Pro-Quiz is similar to Watu, except it has no Pro version. It supports the following question types: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, “Sorting” Choice, “Free” Choice, “Matrix Sorting” Choice, Cloze function and Assessment.

It comes with statistics feature, randomization options, quiz timer, custom fields and so on…

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3. mTouch Quiz


Written for learning sites, mTouch is a fully responsible quiz plugin. Supports hints, explanations and multiple question types.

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Commercial WordPress Quiz Plugins

1. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Viral Quiz is a new quiz plugin for WordPress. It supports two types of quiz: trivia and personality quiz. This plugin is an excellent marketing tool as well, since it has the capability to capture emails and let users share their quiz results on social media sites. An excellent choice to create viral quizzes.