Building a fully functioning social website is not an easy task, and when it comes to making it look great, you simply can’t get by without a high end gallery plug-in or add-on that can make it easier for users to upload their own media and photos.

Media Manager for UserPro

Allow Your Users to Express Themselves with the Media Manager Add-On!

This is the role of the Media Manager add-on for UserPro websites. If you’ve already purchased the UserPro plug-in, Media Manager can help the users of your new social website make their profiles and posts a lot more interesting by integrating high quality pictures, as well as audios and videos.

Main Features of the Media Manager

The Media Manager for UserPro offers you the chance of enhancing your website through the creation of solid, well-designed galleries that users can benefit from to liven up their online profiles.

Here are a few of the most significant features and advantages of the Media Manager add-on:

  • It allows users to add stunning pictures, quality videos and vibrant audio to their profiles, organizing them in a catchy gallery layout.
  • Multiple additions for media files is available for all your users to enjoy.
  • The Media Manager also enables users to open images in a lightbox.
  • As an administrator, you can modify and customize every aspect of the add-on’s functionality, such as resizing image files, restricting the use of certain file extensions, restricting large file uploads and much more.

Continuing Development

It’s worth mentioning that, while this add-on doesn’t yet provide all the features you might expect, it is still in the works, and frequent updates are also provided in order to extend its functionality.

While enjoying its readily available features, you can also contribute with feedback and suggestions that will make the support and further development of the add-on much better for the future, while also helping the development team minimize any potential bugs.

With this affordable and extremely practical add-on, you and your website’s users can enjoy the full power of UserPro with media support, making your new site even more popular in the eyes of your clients and competitors.