Everyone who runs a business or a blog knows that Social Media is the most potent tool on the internet. You now have the opportunity to use the new Monarch Social Sharing Plugin and benefit from integrated support and intuitive access to features that will make your website much more popular than ever before.

The Pros of using the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

  • With this plugin, you will be able to integrate up to 20 social sharing networks which you can arrange in any order you want; all these will be immediately accessible by your visitors at a click of the mouse
  • You aren’t just able to add many social networks to your site, but you can also choose where to place the social media buttons so as to suit the exact needs and type of your website; if you have a content heavy site you can place the buttons on top, you can place them at the bottom or even put them in both locations; you can also opt for the floating sidebar or for the unique hover styles included
  • Social media buttons are also placed on top of media which is quite often the most shared type of content on the internet, making all your attractive additions very easy to share
  • This plugin will also implement automatic pop-up media buttons so that you won’t have to clog your website with buttons everywhere; these pop-ups will be activated timed delays or when visitors leave the page or reach the bottom of the page
  • In addition to the extremely effective pop-ups, Monarch also offers you the possibility to add fly-ins which can effectively grab the attention of your visitors and allow them to share your content
  • This plugin doesn’t just offer you many display options for your social media needs, but you can also choose the shape, color even hover effects of all your social media buttons
  • If you want to benefit from a more robust social media sharing option, then you will also be able to display network names, follower or like counts and more, making your site attractive and sleek
  • The Monarch plugin is also fully responsive on any platform, be it an iPhone, a tablet or a notebook
  • The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin also comes with a dashboard where you can customize many more aspects of your social media needs with the help of various settings which are easy to handle; you will be able to change display settings, check your statistics and see how many people liked or shared your content, and you can even export or import data if you have other sites with similar needs

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin mobile

Are there any cons?

  • While this plugin is highly versatile and effective, some people may find it a bit hard to handle at first, as the learning curve may be a bit steep

With full social media integrations and support and various ways of attracting the attention of your visitors to make your content shared, the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin may be just the thing you needed for your website.