The Ultimate Social Experience with the Private Messages for UserPro Add-on! The plugin allows your users to send messages each other.

If you’ve already experienced the power of the UserPro social plug-in for registration, login and social media integration, you might want to take your social website to the next level, and provide your users and members with a reliable privat chat feature.

This is precisely what the Private Messages for UserPro add-on was designed for, offering high quality, real time private messages and message notifications that can be customized for the perfect user experience.

Private Messaging

The add-on creates a fully responsive, scalable and overall beautiful environment that allows users to exchange private messages, get notified whenever they receive a message, or even trigger private messages from any custom link.

A great feature provided through this add-on is that, as an administrator, you can control the abilities of different users for broadcasting messages based on their account levels. For instance, basic users can be restricted to only sending and receiving private messages, while moderators or managers will be able to send out bulk messages to a large selection of users – a feat that can be very useful, for instance, when it comes to your website’s customer support staff sending updates to all your clients.

As an added advantage, all private messaging windows can be provided with footer messages, showcasing, for example, a disclaimer that tells your clients that the website is not responsible for harmful messages sent out by guest users.

Customization Options

To streamline your users’ chatting experience, the UserPro add-on was designed to offer easy to configure ajax notifications and additional features, such as quick reply options and the ability to view your conversations with ease.

Private Messages for UserPro is available for all those who have purchased the UserPro plug-in, and can quickly be installed as part of your UserPro setup to work as an extension of the working plug-in. Easy to use and affordable, Private Messages is your best option for adding a private chat to your new site.