The Social Wall Add-on for UserPro was designed to create the real experience of social media within your new website. Powered by WordPress 4.1 and designed to run as an extension of the UserPro login, registration and social plug-in, this add-on is a refreshing, smooth piece of software that allows members to integrate far more efficiently on your social site.

What Can the Social Wall Add-on Do?

The add-on was inspired by popular social media functionality, and can allow your users to interact more efficiently in a fast, engaging and fully functional social medium. When integrated with your UserPro plug-in, it offers a wide array of practical functions that all your users can benefit from:

  • Users can create, share and comment on posts with ease, while also viewing other users’ posts and liking/disliking them.
  • As an administrator, you will have the power to delete any inappropriate posts and comments, and choose varying privacy levels for either allowing the display of the wall or hiding it for visitors and guests.
  • A handy “Load More” button can be used to restrict the number of posts shown on a single page, maximizing readability, flexibility and speed.
  • Users can delete their own posts and comments, and they can also flag inappropriate content which you will then receive a notice for in order to review and consider it for possible deletion.
  • Your admin dashboard will provide you with all the notifications from users, and enable you to perform quick and straightforward actions, such as the deletion of a post or ignoring a reported post.

Compatibility and Future Updates

The Social Wall Add-on was designed to run under any WordPress version higher than WP 3.8, and whether your users use Chrome, Firefox or IE, they will have no difficulty in accessing and viewing the wall and their content.

This add-on is one of the best extensions you can add to your UserPro powered website, and future updates will also be provided based on community feedback and even your own suggestions on what new features you’d like to see implemented.