Website creator platforms have become extremely popular in recent years, and along with advancements in web technology taking off, they have also reached a level of complexity and scalability that we never would have hoped for just a few years back.

Divi is an example of just how far this technology can go. This special theme incorporates a powerful page builder platform that you can use to create stunning, unique web templates and pages with no coding required whatsoever.

An Overview of Divi’s Main Features

Designing page layouts in Divi is made easy by the breakdown of its main features into three distinct building blocks: rows, sections and modules. Each of these acts to complement the other, and can be used as tools in the layout design process.

Modules in Divi are the visual elements that are the basic functional building blocks your website will be composed of. These modules can be added to the layout structure through an easy, drag-and-drop method.

Rows make up column structures that are used to house various modules. An unlimited number of rows can be placed inside a Divi template, and you can play around with the structure to obtain various layouts that are added to a section.

Sections are used for the top level areas of your website, and are the largest tools required by a Divi layout. They are essentially made of rows and modules, with two distinct types of Sections being identified as regular sections (made up of column rows) and full width ones designed to incorporate modules that can be placed within columns.

Adding Readymade Content Modules

The Divi builder allows you to add up to 40 different types of content modules to your layouts. These can range between anything having to do with written content, such as text, forms, titles or testimonial modules, to audio and video embedding, social media follow buttons, tabs, sliders and even complete portfolio modules.

With their help, you can build stunning websites that will impress your visitors and followers, add practical functions that will help you avoid the need to hire a professional developer, and make your site easy to access and navigate through.

A Seamless, Straightforward Process

Configurations, custom coding and CSS, layout editing and complete customization is all possible when you’re using the Divi builder. Not only that, but the tool was designed to be as easy to use as possible, and made to work seamlessly, allowing for complete control and fast, straightforward actions that would otherwise not be possible when it comes to more complex design tasks.

You can copy, duplicate or lock elements, and even hide them from view with just a single click. Also, the tool will help you get a clearer picture of your layout through a variety of collapsible viewing options designed to help users have an easier time viewing their content while making modifications.

Divi is quite possibly the most modern website builder you will find today, and with its comprehensive set of features and customization options, there is no limit to what your creativity can build with its help.