Who doesn’t want an exciting social site where they can rate users and receive ratings and reviews themselves? Whether it’s about rating businesses or regular users on a new dating site, you can enhance your UserPro-based website’s functionality and appeal through the User Rating/Review add-on for UserPro.

Features Designed for Increased Convenience

If you want to add user ratings and reviews to your site, this add-on is just perfect for the job. It will make for a much more exciting user experience, while allowing your website’s members to engage in more dynamic social interactions. Here are a few of its main advantages:

  • First of all, the add-on allows for both star ratings and text comments, so users can be rated and reviewed by just about anyone. Anonymous ratings are also allowed, but can be disabled from your admin panel.
  • All users are able to view the average rating of other users, and rating can be restricted to specific roles.
  • Labels and messages can be translated with ease, as the add-on comes equipped with all the necessary MO/PO files.
  • To allow for improved readability, you can restrict text comments to a specified number of words.

Seamless Integration

In order to use the User Rating/Review add-on, you need UserPro to already be added to your WP installation. The add-on can then be set up without any difficulty, and you can configure it according to your specific requirements.

This UserPro add-on works on multi-domain installations, as well as on single websites, and its configuration settings are quite straightforward. They allow admins to determine who can and can’t rate, restrict ratings and reviews to user profiles and add shortcodes to other pages for easy rating.

You can also use shortcodes for various other functions, such as displaying the “top members in your community” widget. This will arrange users based on their ratings, and showcase their profile pictures and star ratings in a neat and orderly fashion.

A good rating system goes a long way, and with the Rating/Review add-on for UserPro, you can get all the functional advantages of a high end rating system at a highly affordable cost.