When it comes to building a powerful social website based on WordPress, the power of the UserPro plug-in may extend far longer than you can imagine.

With the new VK.com Social Connect add-on for UserPro, all your users can benefit from a fast, stable and convenient experience integrating their VK.com social media accounts with the accounts they create on your website. Offering an easier way to login and interact, you’ll find the add-on will be able to increase your user base and make your website far more appealing.

The Purpose of the Social Connect Add-on

Social Connect was meant to provide your WordPress and UserPro powered website with the added feature of secure connectivity. You – as the administrator – and your users can utilize social media accounts to log in instantly with LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts, and bypass the whole process of entering their login details.

The newly added support for VK.com provides an easy way for you and your users to access your accounts through the most popular social network in Russia.

In an age of fast-paced networking and online social interactions, this simple add-on can work wonders to keep your users interested. Attract more people who may use VK.com accounts, reduce the time required for login, provide an added layer of user-friendliness and security, and make your website more popular than your competitors’ social sites.

A Simple Way for Your Members to Connect

Adding VK.com support for your site is quite simple. All you need to do is log into your VK admin panel, set up a new Application ID and Secure Key by accessing your app settings, and you’re all done!

You can then use the easy to access UserPro admin panel to enter the data and enable Vk.com support. As soon as you’re done, you and your visitors will be able to make use of the new add-on and connect through the Russian social network.

The VK Social Connect add-on is yet another simple, yet highly practical piece of coding you can use together with your UserPro website to enhance user experience.