When you want to add bookmarks to your new social media site powered by UserPro, your best option is to make use of the powerful Bookmarks add-on, and configure it so that your users enjoy the best experience in creating bookmark collections, as well as sorting and displaying their bookmarks.

Enhancing Post Organization and Creating Collections

One of the key advantages of the Bookmark add-on has to do with users’ ability to bookmark virtually any type of content they find. From pictures to large texts or custom posts, you can have your website’s users save anything they want, create custom collections, and showcase their bookmarks in style. There are practically no limits, aside from those you’d like to define as administrator.

As a user, you can mark your custom collections as private or public, and keep adding anything from forum posts and products to short posts created by other members.

Powered by Ajax, the add-on was designed to be extremely fast and to prevent failures and bugs. Also, updates are provided on a constant basis to enhance user experience, and keep the Bookmarks add-on working perfectly.

Shortcodes and Methods for Displaying Bookmarks

The simplicity of this little add-on is staggering considering the remarkable practical advantages it can offer. Essentially, you can customize and showcase any type of bookmark or collection through easy to use shortcodes and PHP methods, creating simple widgets that you can then add to your site wherever you want them to go.

There are a few predefined positions for the standard bookmark widget, such as the dynamic sidebar and below the post content, and you can also use customized shortcodes for an enhanced experience. The add-on comes with its own API, being practically independent from the rest of your site, and offering numerous advanced features.

Without a doubt, bookmark use is a powerful practice for enhancing user experience on any social website. With the help of the UserPro Bookmark add-on, you can achieve this advantage in record time, configuring an easy to use bookmark section to delight all your members.